• BDS Tactical Gear Ultimate Dump Pouch
BDS Tactical Gear Ultimate Dump Pouch
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BDS Tactical Ultimate Dump Pouch

BDS Tactical Gear Ultimate Dump Pouch
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The BDS Tactical Gear Ultimate Dump Pouch has been designed and built for quick storage of spent magazines in a high stress environment. No more pulling a drawstring to get magazines or other items into the pouch. This pouch is 11.5x10x4 which allows the quick storage of  multiple magazines. The ultimate dump is a must for anyone who plans on doing any kind of tactical shooting.

At the top of the pouch there is a liner that has elastic cord sewn into it that makes a hole for the opening of the pouch. The hole it creates is big enough to fit mags and other items inside, yet it is also small enough to keep all spent items inside from coming out of the pouch. The ultimate dump also has a lid that can seal off the top if needed. This lid also holds the pouch in the folded up position when the pouch is not needed. 

Another great feature on this pouch are the mounting options it offers. The pouch can mount onto pals webbing, and can also be mounted onto a duty or riggers belt with 2 removable 1inch belt-mount adapters.

It is made with 1000 Denier Cordura, heavy duty webbing, hook and loop material and elastic. And as with all of our products, this pouch is made in Oceanside, CA USA and carries our Lifetime Warranty.

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best dump pouch ever. by Jason from North Carolina United States
12 May 2015
Great dump pouch. Nothing to undo or reattach when dropping stuff in. Fast on the fly use, and nothing falls out. Lots of space, I have put 10 5.56 mags in mine with room to spare.
battle belt rig. by Robert K. 30 Jun 2011
Put together a battle belt rig from BDS and this dump pouch has the space and elastic opening that keep my mags from flying all over the place.I can put 10 empy pmags in it and still have room for my pistol mags.
I have this dump pouch dropped down in the rear of my BDS modular belt sleave so I can still mount my horizontal gp pouch above it on the small of my back.
The simple stacker mag pouches hold my pmags with no problems,the pistol mag pouches hold my double stack HK .45 mags with no problems as well.The belt sleave holds all my pouches comfortably.
This is by far the best belt rig setup I've ever owned.Everything I have bought from BDS has been first class all the way.
Thanks BDS,

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