• BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch
  • BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch
  • BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch
BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch

BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch

BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch
BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch
BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch

The BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch combines the carrying capacity of a zippered general purpose pouch with the organizing ability of an admin pouch.  


The main zippered compartment dimensions are 8?x6?x2.5?.  Inside the main compartment against the body is a 8?x5?flat pocket with two 4?x4.5? flat pockets.  


Across the front of the flat pockets is an elastic band to secure other items and a D-Ring is sewn in for dummy cording.


Away from the body on the inside are two 5?x4?x1? pockets for storing larger items like handheld GPS or compass. 


On the front of the Super Admin Pouch is an adjustable multi-purpose pouch to fit multi tools, extra pistol magazine, or flash lights. 


Next to the multi-purpose pouch is a 5?x5? flat pocket with a lid that secures with hook and loop.  The Lid also has a strip of loop fastener sewn on for ID Patches.  Attached to the flat pocket is a pull down ID carrier with a clear window that stows away by fastening to the loop on the flat pocket. 


On the bottom of the zipper are two elastic bands for carrying chem lights.  The BDS tactical Super Admin Pouch
is made 100% in Oceanside California and comes with a life time warranty.  Available colors: Tactical Coyote, ACU, ABU, Olive Drab, Black, Ranger Green, Foliage Green, & Multicam.




Due to the most recent customer feedback, the pistol mag pouch is no longer adjustable on the bottom although the video states that it is. The change was made due to customers wanting to put smaller items in the pouch without them falling through the gaps.

Product Reviews

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Super admin pouch by Jason 08 Oct 2014
I like the pouch I received but I would have preferred to have had the pistol pouch to have still been adjustable like in the picture's on the page I really liked that feature I still want that if there's any way to make that possible but it's still a very good pouch
Super Admin Pouch by madjerry from California United States
13 Sep 2014
This is a fantastic pouch. It fits small items that you need frequently in a handy place. I have a compass, pens, my hunting license/ID, small flashlight, and some other paper odds and ends. They all fit nicely.

I use the mag pouch on the side for a multitool. The Leatherman Supertool 300 fits in snugly, but you won't be able to fit anything larger. It is a tight fit.
Best i've used! by Jared from Texas United States
12 Sep 2014
I really like this pouch. It's large enough to carry everything I could ever want, but small enough that it doesn't interfere with shouldering my weapon.
I have two small suggestions that would make this product better. 1) a place to secure map markers 2)make the front pouch a little wider, neither my streamlight or my gerber would fit.
Very solid by M. Reick from Illinois United States
23 Jul 2014
I don't have a single bad thing to say about this pouch. I thought there was going to be an issue with the accessory pouch on the side not folding over my OTF stiletto knife, until I found that the flap is velcro'd in so it's adjustable.
Good GP pouch! by Ben from WA United States
10 Mar 2014
I like this pouch! It's fairly low profile (for what it holds), and can handle a compass, Garmin 550, batteries, pens, 2 notebooks, and store some chemlights down below. And for funsies it can hold a pistol mag quite nicely.

i think my improvements would be to make the mag pouch big enough to hold a Leatherman (my Surge is too big to fit), and to put the tiedown ring on the front flap of the pocket so you don't have to weave through equipment tiedowns to access the rear of the pouch (which is PERFECT for a dope notebook, or a large Rite-In-The-Rain). None of these, however are deal breakers. I really like this pouch, and it's dimensions are perfect!

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