• BDS Tactical Modular Belt Sleeve
  • BDS Tactical Modular Belt Sleeve
BDS Tactical Modular Belt Sleeve
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BDS Tactical Modular Belt Sleeve

BDS Tactical Modular Belt Sleeve
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BDS Tactical Modular Belt Sleeve
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The BDS Tactical Gear Modular Belt Sleeve has 2 rows of PALS webbing and fits over any existing duty or riggers belt.   We use only 1000 Denier Cordura, heavy duty webbing and 1/2" closed cell foam in this product.  

There are also 4 attachment points on the sleeve that integrate with our H-Suspender system. 

The Modular Belt sleeve features a 4.5" opening on both ends of the sleeve for attaching a drop leg holster or thigh rig to the duty or riggers belt without interfering with the PALS webbing. 

And as with all BDS Tactical Gear, this item is covered under our Lifetime Warranty and made entirely in Oceanside, CA. USA.

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Great belt for the price by Erik Yoshihara from Kansas United States
07 Oct 2017
This is one of the best made pieces of modular gear I have ever owned. It's simple and serves it's purpose well. The attention to detail and materials used are top notch. I can tell you that the wait times are pretty long, but considering everything is made specifically for you, it's actually not bad. Took about two months from the time I ordered to the time I received it. It was a long two months. Totally worth the wait time though. I have to mention that this was my first order from them. I wanted to order something simple and inexpensive to get a feel for how the company is. Not disappointed at all.

As simple as this sleeve is, it's well thought out. Padding is just right, not too thick but thick enough to provide comfort and stability. The loops for suspenders are positioned just right, although I don't think I'll ever need to use them. The openings for the sub-loads are also positioned just right. Here's where it gets controversial. I've seen and read that the top opening (which I presume was to facilitate the ease of adding sub-loads to the inner belt) sacrifices rigidity of the molle portion where it's open. I disagree. First, molle webbing was never intended to handle the weight of a holstered pistol. If you mount a pistol on this portion, or any portion of the belt (or any battle belt for that manner), you are going to get some sagging. A holstered pistol is top heavy and the weight is never evenly distributed in this position. It's just how it is. Gear pouches work well because of the weight and surface area distributed throughout the molle webbing. Pistols not so much. Second, if you wear the belt correctly and order the correct size, sagging shouldn't be an issue with pouches, as the belt should be tight against your body, pulling any mounted gear in and reducing sagging. Third, I've rarely seen anyone mount a molle holster DIRECTLY to the webbing of a battle belt and have success in drawing/holstering in an efficient manner. Buy the type of gear that will work for your intended purpose, don't buy gear that doesn't and then speak negatively about it. There are other belts out there that allow you to weave the inner belt in and out of sections of molle panels if that is your preference, although that has it's shortcomings too. In the end, this is an amazing piece of gear for the price and well thought out. I will definitely be ordering from BDS in the future.
adds verstility to vests and belts by Jason from North Carolina United States
12 May 2015
attaches to my vest or my duty belt depending on what I am carrying and is quick and easy to make the transition.
belt sleeve, H suspenders, duty belt, hydro bladder by Michael Miller from Arkansas United States
16 Sep 2014
Recently I contacted BDS to see about a setup with a battle belt and suspenders and a bladder carrier attached to the back of it. I talked with Terry in customer service and in very short order they told me they could do it no sweat. I got it in and it's perfect. Very comfortable, and lots of adjustment. It's just a grab and go system with all the essentials. Did I mention it's comfortable? I sure wish I had this 30 years ago.
Thanks to Terry and the staff at BDS for a great product and outstanding customer service!
good belt by Robles 09 Jan 2014
A good custom belt sleeve. Very form fitting to my Uncle Mike's duty belt. This is has been my range belt for the longest now. I've had this battle/war/molle belt "sleeve" for two years now. Still going strong. The only part that's fallen short is the slide slot openings (the ones that allow for drop legs to be weaved to the actual belt). These parts of the sleeve sag under heavy load (my bds modular holster). I've had to use 550 cord and zip ties to keep the slack out.
Still a great sleeve though. Thanks BDS!
New belt setup by Robert K. 30 Jun 2011
I put together a new battle belt setup with this sleave and it is working out great.I can still use my old belt and drop leg holster that is not molle friendly and still be able to mount all the new modular style pouches I got with my BDS order.I'm gonna run this at a small private multi gun match my law enforcement buddies throw once a month.Can't wait to show off the goods.
Kinda kickin myself I didn't order the padded h-suspenders with it though.Maybe next time.
Thanks BDS,

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