• BDS Tactical Modular Universal Holster
  • BDS Tactical Modular Universal Holster
BDS Tactical Modular Universal Holster
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BDS Tactical Modular Universal Holster

BDS Tactical Modular Universal Holster
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BDS Tactical Modular Universal Holster
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Modular Drop Leg Panel:+

Specify Hand:+

Airborne Retention Strap:+

The BDS Tactical Gear Modular Universal Holster is designed to fit military and civilian semi-automatic pistols such as the Beretta 92, All Glocks, and the H&K USP and USPC's. The pistol is designed to be easily converted for use with different weapon system to include those with illumination and laser devices. The holster is made of 1000 Denier Cordura, heavy duty webbing and premium hook/loop material for extreme durability.This gives the operator the option of mounting the Universal Holster on one of our many chest rigs, vests, plate carriers, or to the optional Drop Leg Modular Panel. The BDS Tactical Modular Universal Holster is made 100% in the USA and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Optional Drop Leg Modular Panel
The Drop Leg Modular Panel converts the Modular Universal Holster to a drop leg holster by simply weaving the holster into the leg panel. The Modular Drop Leg extender comes with 2 fully adjustable leg straps.

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Awesome Holster! Excellent Quality! by Jeremy from Texas United States
02 Apr 2016
This is the first item I purchased from BDS. The quality is better than any of my other dozens of holsters. Very solid. Since I purchased this, I have ordered many pouches and a backpack from BDS. Every item received has surpassed my expectations.
Universal Holster by Steven from New York United States
12 May 2015
I have been looking at this holster for some time now and since the price was 50% off I gave it a try. I have it mounted to the right side of my Tactical Vest which works just fine for the draw. The Holster it self is pretty amazing, my first surprise being made of fabric is how ridged and sturdy it is. Second surprise is how I can adjust it for my 1911, XDM 45 and even my model 629 44 without removing it from the vest one holster that does it all. The thumb snap is easily undone for the draw and the pistols glide out with out getting hung up
well made holster by Philip from Ohio United States
18 Jan 2015
Now I have had my BDS universal holster for well over a year now and have plenty of time to use and evaluate it my conclusions are its very well made and worth it. I have it mounted on the right side of my 223 V-ops chest rig and keep a Sig Sauer P220 45 in it and I love it. The thumb break snap strap could maybe be a half inch longer or so but that's just me not complaining though. Overall it's another quality piece from BDS and Made right here in the good ole USA.
High Marks for a Versatile Holster by Ground Control Information Management from Alberta Canada
27 Sep 2014
With just a bit of extra effort, you can mount this very versatile holster on the very end of the main front panel of the BDS Modular Bandolier (another very good product at a bargain price). This makes a perfect 45 degree angle, which eliminates all those unwarranted concerns about 90 degree horizontally chest mounted holsters muzzle pointing.

The thumb break is pretty much unnecessary at the 45 degree angle mounting and is partially removable without modifications.

Holster itself is not quite universal but adjusts easily for three out of five of my medium to large frame handguns.

Well worth the investment if you're into 3 gun shoots.
Fantastic Holster for Hunting by Dave from Florida United States
11 Sep 2014
This is one rare breed of holster. A lefty-friendly, mount anywhere design that comfortably holds a Glock 20 Longslide. Chest or belt mounted, you barely know it's there, even with the largest autos. Great, great product.

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