• BDS Tactical Frog Chest Rig
  • BDS Tactical Frog Chest Rig
BDS Tactical Frog Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical Frog Chest Rig

BDS Tactical Frog Chest Rig
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BDS Tactical Frog Chest Rig
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The BDS Frog Chest Rig is made of 1,000 denier cordura for strength and lasting durability. Four triple 5.56 magazine pouches give the rig a 12 GI-mag carrying capacity, and the pouches also feature a combination of hook & loop and fastex buckle closure. Attached to each side of the rig are two large zippered utility pockets that can be used for any number of miscellaneous items. Further, a 2" strip of loop material runs along the top of the rig body and can be used to attach name tapes or to flip the mag lids up for rapid reloads. 

The entire top edge of the front panel has one long zippered pouch that includes internal pockets for administrative items. All pouches that are affixed to the vest feature Large grommets for drainage.

Adjustable Cross Back Straps (Included)

The Frog Chest Rig comes complete with Cross Back Shoulder Straps, adjustable up to 56" to allow for wear over body armor. The straps can also be tightened down to allow for wear without armor or by smaller warriors. 
Optional Modular Nonslip Butt Stock Retention Pad


Product Reviews

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Scout Section Sergeant by SSG Matthew Mackenzie from Georgia United States
15 Jul 2011
This is a great rig I have tried a lot of different styles over the years, and found this to be the best fit. It has worn quite well on my last deployment to Iraq in 08-09, I have used this for 2 Air Assault missions, and plenty patrols and raids. It is comfortable to wear dismounted as well in M1152, and MRAP’s. I carried the following items in the Rig Chem Lights, batteries, IR strobe, AN/PVS-14’s, MRE parts, FRAG’s, CLP, loose ammo in a bag, spare medical supplies, and several other items dictated by which mission I was going to run. My Scout PLT wore IR flags on the front and it looked really good and very fast to ID. The front internal pocket is just great and very efficient to open and grab my map and markers out using one hand. I am very rough on gear and this has lasted very well, only the lower left hand side buckle broke but that was me falling with my gear and plates on it against metal. It is well worth the money and has paid for it many times fold. Last it is a great asset to have in a leadership role
To **** and back. by Andrew DeVries from Armed Forces Europe United States
07 Oct 2008
I bought this for my 15 motnh deployment to Iraq. As an infantryman in a stryker unit space is limited as this was just what I needed to carry mission essential items in a small amount of space. It held up through all the crap I put it through and the only wear has been a rip in the webbing on the back panel.


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