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BDS Tactical utilizes QR Bar Code technology to educate consumers

BDS Tactical is proud to indroduce its new product packaging that includes instant instore demo video access. Now you can learn everything you want to know about a product instantly before you purchase.

Here's how it works:

1.Pick up a BDS product

2.Scan the QR bar code on the front of the packaging using your smart phone

3.Thats it! Instantly you are watching the demonstration video for the product you are holding in your hands In the store. (Most videos are 2 minutes in length or less)

Video Gallery

Currently there are 44 product demo videos available. You don't need a smartphone to check out our product demonstration videos. View the entire video gallery HERE

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New Product News

BDS Tactical's New Universal Shoulder Holster

The all new BDS Tactical Universal Shoulder Holster has been redesigned to fit most handgun models including full sized, compact, & handguns with rail mounted tactical lights. To fit the handgun to the Universal Shoulder Holster first fit the barrel length by adjusting the internal muzzel stop. Then close the hook flap around the holster for the width of the slide and the trigger guard. To keep the fit of your holster, secure the 2” hook and loop holster strap. Last, adjust the thumb break tight and your holster is ready for use. A dual hook and loop magazine pouch is attached on the opposite side of the holster end. The niversal Shoulder Holster comes with a fully adjustable Shoulder Straps, Universal Holster and Double Magazine Pouch.

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